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Making Lace Jelly

I made lace jelly this week after picking the Queen Anne's Lace at my parent's farm in Wisconsin.   It's really fun to make foraged wildflower jellies.  Just be very positive in identifying Queen Anne's Lace because it can be mistaken for Poison Hemlock, which is fatally poisonous.  There are many sources to help one identify the safe Queen Anne's Lace plant. I got the jars at Walmart and they are cute little jars with a jewel-cut textured side.  I plan to give some away this fall or for Christmas gifts.

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Shooting Star Hydrangeas

I saw these shooting star hydrangeas at the store and had to have them.  They remind me of  New Years, renewal, winter, snowflakes, and of course, shooting stars.   I love hydrangeas in general, especially the blue ones all over New England and Cape Cod.  The regular white round ones are quite common here in the midwest along with pink ones.  I heard it's the acidity in the soil that turns the flowers blue.   But I have never seen the shooting star hydrangea in a landscape.  They are definitely a welcome addition to the frozen landscape here in the Midwest, USA.  I will keep them inside though so they don't freeze to death.  Haha. 

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Beaverhead Endurance Run

Aid Station by Goldstone Mine. The ranch sits on the border of Idaho and Montana, right as Idaho is tapering into the chimney shape at the midway up the state on the east side.  The border is the continental divide, which is the top of the waterways.  Water to the West runs to the Pacific.  Water to the East runs eventually to the Atlantic.  Soooo...  This weekend a fairly new and fast-growing event took place along the continental divide.  It's an endurance race like no other.   I hope to paint these mountain flowers soon.  The red flowers are called Indian Paintbrush.

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