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I Painted My Orchid

If you remember the photo of my orchid from yesterday, here is a painted version. I felt inspired to paint it.  I plan to also paint the orchid in oil paint.  But I really like the coolness of the watercolor mixed with gouache paint.  Very vibrant and alive. I believe I will tone it down with the oil paint.  IT will definitely present a different mood.  I also believe the oil paint will give a heavier feel to the artwork.    

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Purple Hydrangeas

I came across these lovely warm blushing purple hydrangeas at the grocers a couple days ago and had to have them.  There were traditional baby blue, pink, and white hydrangeas.  But these ones caught my eye.   I am enjoying two things.  First.  I am working on painting these.  I am realizing that when I paint larger, I need much more paint and larger brushes.  That should make sense.  But sometimes one doesn't realize until after starting that one is in the habit of working on a smaller scale.  So here is the first run.  I will be adding more paint and layers to this including larger and more generous brush strokes of paint, and darkening glazes in shadow areas....

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Pretty Nature in the Caribbean

I really love the colors in the Caribbean.  They are so vibrant and pure.   The water is the bluest blue, the saturated colors of flowers and greens just make me feel awake.   While also in contrast, the dryer side of the island has a more neutral palette.  It's a very interesting combination for quite a small island like St John. I saw many lizards trying to blend into their surrounding.  They were all over around the cottage we stayed at. It's sometimes hard to remember that it's not summer and we are still in the northern hemisphere and that winter solstice just ended recently.  I was really feeling surprised the sun set each night around 5:45.  I was...

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