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Sketching in Chicago

I did something Wednesday that was totally fun and challenging! I met a friend downtown for a drawing and sketching adventure.  We found spots to draw.  I brought my sketchbook and my friend, her iPad.  It was a great experience.  I hope to do it again soon! When I arrived home, I used photos I had taken to add some color with watercolor paint.  My particular sketchbook is designed to hold watercolor paints.  It was a very fun process!  I felt like a kid again while painting in my sketchbook.

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Lilacs in January

I am just getting around to some pictures I took last summer and spring that I have wanted to put to paper.  Here is speed painting of lilacs in blue vase.  The lilacs bloom in May and sometimes April in Chicago.  But in Idaho they don't bloom til end of May or June.  It's really high elevation and farther north.  That's why.  

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