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The Farmer's Market

A highlight of summer is the local farmers' market.  I always love a good farmers' market.   Being in the Midwest, summer brings a bounty of fruits and vegetables as well as local meats, cheeses, handmade breads and soaps. Loving these handmade natural soaps. Jake's Meats from Michigan is where I stock up on Great Lakes wild caught fish and pork, chickens and more.

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Sketching in Chicago

I did something Wednesday that was totally fun and challenging! I met a friend downtown for a drawing and sketching adventure.  We found spots to draw.  I brought my sketchbook and my friend, her iPad.  It was a great experience.  I hope to do it again soon! When I arrived home, I used photos I had taken to add some color with watercolor paint.  My particular sketchbook is designed to hold watercolor paints.  It was a very fun process!  I felt like a kid again while painting in my sketchbook.

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