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Just Home From Istanbul

I have been gone from my studio for three weeks!  But time has flown by fast for me. I was in Istanbul, Turkey on vacation.   It was so much fun and I cannot wait to go back.  But it is also good to be back at work in my art studio. More paintings being listed all this week.

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New SOLD category

I decided to make a new sold category in my shop.  I will start moving sold paintings into this category instead of deleting them.  I had feedback from customers telling me it was hard to scroll through available paintings when so many were sold and they had to sift thru to see what was available.  But then I have had customers tell me they wanted to see the sold paintings also.  So this is my solution.  We will see how it works.   I notice that the sold paintings are faded unless you click on them to see the details of the listing.  I will not keep "sold" paintings here forever.  But I will keep the recently sold paintings here.  I...

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