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Touring Istanbul

Touring Istanbul.  Hagia Sofia.  Ceased by the Ottomans from the Christians and turned into a mosque.  Finding remnants throughout of the Christian art. A sundial  

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Just Home From Istanbul

I have been gone from my studio for three weeks!  But time has flown by fast for me. I was in Istanbul, Turkey on vacation.   It was so much fun and I cannot wait to go back.  But it is also good to be back at work in my art studio. More paintings being listed all this week.

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Pretty Nature in the Caribbean

I really love the colors in the Caribbean.  They are so vibrant and pure.   The water is the bluest blue, the saturated colors of flowers and greens just make me feel awake.   While also in contrast, the dryer side of the island has a more neutral palette.  It's a very interesting combination for quite a small island like St John. I saw many lizards trying to blend into their surrounding.  They were all over around the cottage we stayed at. It's sometimes hard to remember that it's not summer and we are still in the northern hemisphere and that winter solstice just ended recently.  I was really feeling surprised the sun set each night around 5:45.  I was...

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