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Hiking and Looking for Antlers

In the spring, the male deer and elk drop their antlers.  Then they grow new ones in the spring.  It is fun to hike the hills where they have been and try to find them.  I love the smell of the sagebrush hills; not fully awake yet. There are signs of spring and contrasts such as bright green, velvety moss peeking through a blanket of melting snow and twisted sagebrush.

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Fun in the Snow

Snow is a lot of work and can even be dangerous.  But on the flip side, it's a lot of fun!  Camille marched over to a meadow by our home with some trees and park benches.  The side walks were not clear.  But the snow was "virgin" and we couldn't resist making snow angels and stomping around like five-year olds. If it's going to be cold, at least we will make the most of it. :)

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