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I Painted My Orchid

If you remember the photo of my orchid from yesterday, here is a painted version. I felt inspired to paint it.  I plan to also paint the orchid in oil paint.  But I really like the coolness of the watercolor mixed with gouache paint.  Very vibrant and alive. I believe I will tone it down with the oil paint.  IT will definitely present a different mood.  I also believe the oil paint will give a heavier feel to the artwork.    

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Beautiful Things

February is in full force.  And with VAlentine's Day around the corner, I was just thinking of what makes me happy this time of year.  It's very cold outside.  I wanted to go for a run.  But at 6 degrees F., it wasn't too comfortable.  So I am really a homebody this time of year.  I enjoy bringing flowers into the home to bring nature indoors.  I also enjoy crystals and the meaning and energy they can bring to a space.  Other things I like in February are handmade things like notes, knits, and art, as well as something baking in the oven. My little orchid.  

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Purple Hydrangeas

I came across these lovely warm blushing purple hydrangeas at the grocers a couple days ago and had to have them.  There were traditional baby blue, pink, and white hydrangeas.  But these ones caught my eye.   I am enjoying two things.  First.  I am working on painting these.  I am realizing that when I paint larger, I need much more paint and larger brushes.  That should make sense.  But sometimes one doesn't realize until after starting that one is in the habit of working on a smaller scale.  So here is the first run.  I will be adding more paint and layers to this including larger and more generous brush strokes of paint, and darkening glazes in shadow areas....

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