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Coming Soon Original Paintings on Hardwood!

Coming August 1 at Christenberry Collections is a new collection of oil paintings on exotic and American hardwoods! Custom designed, cut, and finished wood panels including Maple, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, and Purple Heart.  Several layers of clear gesso and painted showing through to the natural wood grain underneath and peeking through bits of the painting.  Showing both the natural grain and even knots and holes in the wood throughout the paintings.    

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Northern Flicker and Lilacs

One of my favorite birds and common here in Northern Illinois, the northern flicker.  A woodpecker that loves wooded areas.  I recently made a commissioned flicker which inspired me to paint this one also.   The lilacs have already come and gone.  But I still have a few photos of them on my phone.  I used this one as inspiration for the painting of the flicker.  

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