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Framing a Canvas Painting

Framing a stretched canvas is a great way to compliment and provide extra support to the canvas.   A stretched canvas is wrapped around and secured to a support.   The support is usually made of wood.   But some larger supports are made of aluminum.     Many of my paintings on stretched canvas come with the sides already painted and a hook or wire on the back.   So there is no need to add a frame to display it.   But if you desire a frame, there are options. I list the depth of the stretched canvas for sale with each item.   They usually go between 3/4-inch to 1.5 inches.   The type of frame you...

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Do I Need to Frame My Art?

Framing art is both a personal decision and a practical one.   Some art must be framed in order to be displayed properly, like watercolor painting on paper.   But other art may be perfect without any additional frame. Unless I state otherwise, the sides of my canvases are painted.   This makes it easy to hang unframed.    My flat panels without a notch in the back can be framed OR displayed on an easel or specialized wall shelf for displaying photos and art.  Some of these special shelves have a notch running along the shelf to keep the propped up photos and paintings from sliding off. Stretched canvases can also be framed if desired.   A specialty frame...

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