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Inspired by Lilac Bushes

I was looking through my photos for inspiration for new paintings when I stumbled across some photos I took at Lilacia Park last May.   Did you know there are hundreds of varieties of lilacs?  There is a lilac festival in this park annually where they sell cuttings of different varieties.  I have not been to the festival.  But I do try to visit the park every spring to see the concentration of lilacs and tulips they have so nicely arranged. Here is another variety, paler in color.  I am truly inspired.  I will be using these in upcoming paintings.  

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Getting Ready for Spring

WIth the daylight savings change and longer days, I've been excited to get ready for spring.  Here are some pussy willow branches I got at the grocers that have held up well in my room for a month. The buds have gone from tight and fuzzy to fat with yellow blossoms. Sometimes they are so heavy they fall off. Soon we will have these outside too.   I made some homemade graham crackers also.  They are delicious plain or with dark chocolate or lemon curd on top.  They are not so sweet but have small amounts of sugar and honey and are low fat.  They have whole grain flour also.  I used a spelt flour.  I got the recipe from...

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