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Spring in Idaho

Spring in Idaho is a study in contrasts.  The fields are as green as they can be while the mountains are often still covered in snow.   \ Also, this year, the Salmon River is higher than its been in 100 years.  So much snow and precipitation and run off.  There is actually an island here that is completely covered.

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Pretty Papers and Cupcakes

Today I went to Paper Source in Oak Brook to purchase some supplies.  And I fell in love with this new botanical paper.  I did not buy it.  But I wanted to share it with you.   Also, trying to paint a cupcake once a week.  It's fun to paint a variety.  The trick is to not be tempted to eat the whole thing later.   This is the first layer only.

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Mother Nature Can be Cruel

This is so sad.   After the heavy rains, I was in my back yard and found a dead baby bird.  I looked up and it had fallen through a hole in this nest.  The heavy rains must have been too much for the nest structure and weight of the baby bird.  I think it was a baby robin. So I got some paper towels and placed the bird in the flowers, the lily of the valley and such by the edge of the yard.      

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