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Buying My Prints

I no longer print my own prints.  I have a curated collection of prints at Artfully Walls available in both paper and canvas prints.   The nice thing is one can opt to have them framed.  There are a variety of frames to choose from.  There is also an app to see how the art will look on one's own wall.

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Studio Closeups

Closeups from my art studio.  Washi tape on a shelf. Drawers for watercolor paintings.   Sleepy kitty. Drawers for watercolor paintings and special papers Mottler brushes for varnish. art caddy on wheels some old art books  

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Some of the sweet chocolates from Christmas.    And some previous paintings I did with a chocolate theme. Chocolate Truffle in Gold Foil Chocolate Cupcake with Violets Chocolate Raspberry Tart Chocolate Cake topped with Pansies

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