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Studio Idaho

I have moved a lot of my watercolor painting and acrylic painting to my Idaho art studio.  They are both paints that dry quickly, which allows me to easily ship and produce them.  While the actual painting time can be painstaking slow with watercolor, they are dry within 24 hours.  Look forward to more watercolor and acrylic paintings as well as my usually favorite oil paintings.

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Natural Soaps

While I don't sell these or get sponsored for mentioning these soaps, I love them!  I used to buy the goat milk brand ZUM at my local grocers.  But these are larger for the same price, locally made, and come in so many wonderful varieties.  I use them and buy them as gifts as well.  The brand is Mion and they are sold online and locally at my city's farmers market.  I really love all the owner's projects and offerings.  

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