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Wintertime In the Studio

In winter I like to work painting a few hours in the afternoon until dark.  It still gets dark fairly early.  But soon the days will be longer and we will change times by one hour as well. Here is first layers of a floral painting. One of the cats in the studio.  

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More Paintings Coming This Weekend

I will have a few more acrylic paintings - that are dry and ready to ship - uploading this weekend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Mostly birds and animals.   Friday morning I am shipping orders and will upload more after that.

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Getting Ready for Holidays

Last week I helped my mother put her Christmas tree up.  I was visiting family in Wisconsin. It was a nice time. Now I am putting up some small oil paintings, a few larger pieces I have been working on, and some small acrylic paintings that are ready to ship.  Look for more all this week!    

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