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New SOLD category

I decided to make a new sold category in my shop.  I will start moving sold paintings into this category instead of deleting them.  I had feedback from customers telling me it was hard to scroll through available paintings when so many were sold and they had to sift thru to see what was available.  But then I have had customers tell me they wanted to see the sold paintings also.  So this is my solution.  We will see how it works.   I notice that the sold paintings are faded unless you click on them to see the details of the listing.  I will not keep "sold" paintings here forever.  But I will keep the recently sold paintings here.  I...

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Themes for July Art

I just wanted to update everyone on my July plans for art.  I have four themes this month:  Lily Ponds and Orchids, 100 Small Bird Paintings Project, Farmers Market Finds (small still life paintings), and Watercolor Botanicals.   This should keep me busy!  If you signed up for my email, I use Mailchimp for managing my email list.  Shopify is not my URL host but is my website for my shop host.  That is why you can type in prattcreekart but then are redirected to my shopify store. Recently Mailchimp and Shopify parted ways.  This was actually for Mailchimp's standards.  They did not agree with something Shopify wanted to do with their mailing lists. I am not saying it was good...

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Art Supplies in My Art Studio

I have two art studios.  One is in Idaho.  And one is in Illinois.   I mostly do oil painting and watercolor in the Illinois studio and acrylic and watercolor in the Idaho studio right now.  It's good to keep the oil paints away from the water-based paints.  Although it's not necessary to have two separate studios.  It just worked out that way for me.  It does help keep, like I mentioned, the oils away from the acrylic and watercolor paints. One nice thing about summer is working and painting outside.  I also do most of my varnishing outside in the summer months.  I just have to make sure it's not a windy day.

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