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Beautiful Things

February is in full force.  And with VAlentine's Day around the corner, I was just thinking of what makes me happy this time of year.  It's very cold outside.  I wanted to go for a run.  But at 6 degrees F., it wasn't too comfortable.  So I am really a homebody this time of year.  I enjoy bringing flowers into the home to bring nature indoors.  I also enjoy crystals and the meaning and energy they can bring to a space.  Other things I like in February are handmade things like notes, knits, and art, as well as something baking in the oven. My little orchid.  

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What is the Difference Between My Large and Small Paintings Category?

What is the difference between my large and small paintings in my shop?  The answer is 12 inches.  If a side of the artwork is 12 inches or larger, I will put the painting in the "Large Paintings" category.  So for example, 9 x 12 inch painting goes in my large paintings; 8 x 10 inch painting goes in my Small Paintings category; 12 x 12 inch goes in large paintings, 10 x 10 inch goes in small paintings.  Hope this makes sense!

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