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Pretty Nature in the Caribbean

I really love the colors in the Caribbean.  They are so vibrant and pure.   The water is the bluest blue, the saturated colors of flowers and greens just make me feel awake.   While also in contrast, the dryer side of the island has a more neutral palette.  It's a very interesting combination for quite a small island like St John. I saw many lizards trying to blend into their surrounding.  They were all over around the cottage we stayed at. It's sometimes hard to remember that it's not summer and we are still in the northern hemisphere and that winter solstice just ended recently.  I was really feeling surprised the sun set each night around 5:45.  I was...

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More Pics from St John

There is a place on St John called Miss Lucy's, which has some great brunch and dinner specials.  These are conch fritters with mango sauce.  The conch is the pretty shell that people hold to their ear to hear the "waves".   Anyway, eating right by the ocean is a treat in and of itself.  A curious chicken sat on a chair at our table eyeing our dinner. Here is her little one. There were also goats running around the property next to the restaurant.  Here is a pic of a cute baby goat.

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Back from US Virgin Islands

Hello friends.  I had to get away to warm weather and beaches and am now back in the cold Chicago weather.  If you ordered something while I was away, it will be shipped now.   I was with family in the US Virgin Islands and mostly St John.  I had a great time and took many photos.  I didn't draw or paint even though I brought my sketchbook and materials.  But I learned a lot and am inspired for the new year and my art!

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