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Northern Flicker and Lilacs

One of my favorite birds and common here in Northern Illinois, the northern flicker.  A woodpecker that loves wooded areas.  I recently made a commissioned flicker which inspired me to paint this one also.   The lilacs have already come and gone.  But I still have a few photos of them on my phone.  I used this one as inspiration for the painting of the flicker.  

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Lilacs in January

I am just getting around to some pictures I took last summer and spring that I have wanted to put to paper.  Here is speed painting of lilacs in blue vase.  The lilacs bloom in May and sometimes April in Chicago.  But in Idaho they don't bloom til end of May or June.  It's really high elevation and farther north.  That's why.  

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Picking Fresh Lavender

The English lavender is ready to harvest!  It's the most fragrant thing in my house.  In fact, I can smell it as I list and look at the photos I am posting. But I have decided to dry this lavender.  I will rubber band it and hang it upside down.  When dry, I will shake and brush the buds off for later use.  English lavender is good for culinary purposes too. I also picked some wild daisies and cornflowers at my parent's farm in Wisconsin.  I was there to wish my father a Happy Father's Day.  Wishing all fathers a blessed day.

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