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Currants and Cherries on the Ranch

We had a lot of fun picking and eating currants on the ranch.  There are both golden and red currants.  We bought a jelly bag so I could make jelly.  But I ran out of time before I had to come back to Chicago.    The currants are delicious with homemade granola.  Here a neighbor friend made some as a gift. A forgotten flower bouquet from friends that has dried quite nicely. Some hand-picked pie cherries.  There are both pie and sweet cherry trees full of fruit right now.

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Carrot Cake and Garden Flowers

I made the most amazing carrot cake using the discard from sourdough starter.  The cake is so moist.  It's filled with carrots, spices like cinnamon, walnuts, coconut, crushed pineapple, and raisins.  The frosting is cream cheese with pecans.   The lily of valley and iris are from the yard.  It was so hot today the iris were just laying on the lawn, too weak to hold themselves up.  So I cut them and took them inside and refreshed them with some cool water.

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