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Cupcakes and Garden Nasturtium Flowers

I have a lot of morning glory and naturtium vines in my vegetable garden right now.  I feel amazed each October at how crazy these vines grow from small direct-planted seeds in my Illinois garden.  I cannot get them to grow at all on my ranch in Idaho.  It's too high of an elevation I believe. Anyway, I plan to paint a picture of the cupcakes next to the nasturtiums for you soon.  Will post pics as soon as possible!

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Making Lace Jelly

I made lace jelly this week after picking the Queen Anne's Lace at my parent's farm in Wisconsin.   It's really fun to make foraged wildflower jellies.  Just be very positive in identifying Queen Anne's Lace because it can be mistaken for Poison Hemlock, which is fatally poisonous.  There are many sources to help one identify the safe Queen Anne's Lace plant. I got the jars at Walmart and they are cute little jars with a jewel-cut textured side.  I plan to give some away this fall or for Christmas gifts.

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The Farmer's Market

A highlight of summer is the local farmers' market.  I always love a good farmers' market.   Being in the Midwest, summer brings a bounty of fruits and vegetables as well as local meats, cheeses, handmade breads and soaps. Loving these handmade natural soaps. Jake's Meats from Michigan is where I stock up on Great Lakes wild caught fish and pork, chickens and more.

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