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Picking Fresh Lavender

The English lavender is ready to harvest!  It's the most fragrant thing in my house.  In fact, I can smell it as I list and look at the photos I am posting. But I have decided to dry this lavender.  I will rubber band it and hang it upside down.  When dry, I will shake and brush the buds off for later use.  English lavender is good for culinary purposes too. I also picked some wild daisies and cornflowers at my parent's farm in Wisconsin.  I was there to wish my father a Happy Father's Day.  Wishing all fathers a blessed day.

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Spring in Idaho

Spring in Idaho is a study in contrasts.  The fields are as green as they can be while the mountains are often still covered in snow.   \ Also, this year, the Salmon River is higher than its been in 100 years.  So much snow and precipitation and run off.  There is actually an island here that is completely covered.

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