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Themes for July Art

I just wanted to update everyone on my July plans for art.  I have four themes this month:  Lily Ponds and Orchids, 100 Small Bird Paintings Project, Farmers Market Finds (small still life paintings), and Watercolor Botanicals.   This should keep me busy!  If you signed up for my email, I use Mailchimp for managing my email list.  Shopify is not my URL host but is my website for my shop host.  That is why you can type in prattcreekart but then are redirected to my shopify store. Recently Mailchimp and Shopify parted ways.  This was actually for Mailchimp's standards.  They did not agree with something Shopify wanted to do with their mailing lists. I am not saying it was good...

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Coming Soon Original Paintings on Hardwood!

Coming August 1 at Christenberry Collections is a new collection of oil paintings on exotic and American hardwoods! Custom designed, cut, and finished wood panels including Maple, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, and Purple Heart.  Several layers of clear gesso and painted showing through to the natural wood grain underneath and peeking through bits of the painting.  Showing both the natural grain and even knots and holes in the wood throughout the paintings.    

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Pretty Papers and Cupcakes

Today I went to Paper Source in Oak Brook to purchase some supplies.  And I fell in love with this new botanical paper.  I did not buy it.  But I wanted to share it with you.   Also, trying to paint a cupcake once a week.  It's fun to paint a variety.  The trick is to not be tempted to eat the whole thing later.   This is the first layer only.

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