Themes for July Art

I just wanted to update everyone on my July plans for art.  I have four themes this month:  Lily Ponds and Orchids, 100 Small Bird Paintings Project, Farmers Market Finds (small still life paintings), and Watercolor Botanicals.


This should keep me busy!  If you signed up for my email, I use Mailchimp for managing my email list.  Shopify is not my URL host but is my website for my shop host.  That is why you can type in prattcreekart but then are redirected to my shopify store.

Recently Mailchimp and Shopify parted ways.  This was actually for Mailchimp's standards.  They did not agree with something Shopify wanted to do with their mailing lists. I am not saying it was good or bad.  I don't have all the details.  It was just a disagreement.   So they actually parted ways.  I now use one of both Shopify's and Mailchimp's third-party apps to integrate and link my Shopify store to my mailing list.  

 Anyway, I have not sent an email in over a month.  Most new subscribers have never heard from me in their inbox.  Well, I hope to start sending one weekly email with some up-to-date and new artwork and news, helpful advice on art, etc...   


I will also be on Vacation from July 16 to the 26.  I will be in Idaho and rafting and fun things in the mountains.  I will have family members to ship some things during this time if necessary.  But I will be putting a notice in my shop that during this time there will be delayed shipping.  If there is something you have bought previously that is not dry and waiting to be shipped, I plan to either have it shipped before I leave or will have one of my family members shipping these items for me.  I will leave my store open with a notice about possible shipping delays.  You can still shop during this time and even, if you really need something shipped quickly, if you contact me, we can try to work that out for you.  


Also, I am now working on planning autumn and holiday artwork.  I plan to have it all dry and ready to ship with no delay for drying the oil paintings.  So items can be shipped within 24 hours with no wait time.


Okay.  Enough for now.  More to come soon...

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