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Cupcakes and other Sweets

Almost nothing is more satisfying than a dessert that is also visually beautiful.   Last week when I visited my parents in Wisconsin, we went to a bakery in Lake Geneva called Simple.  We also ate brunch at their restaurant next door.  But the beautiful and high quality baked goods always get my attention. Really fell in love with these sweet yellow flower cupcakes.  They tasted great too.  I should know.  I had two of them.  

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A Story About a Cake

For some reason, I remember a story I read as a child.  I found the story in an old book at my library.  The book was so old, the pages were  yellow and weak.  There were few pictures; and they were just black and white sketches. Anyway, here is the story.  A girl and her school friends always past a bakery on the way home from school. There was a glass display full of lovely things like pies and cookies.  But the best thing of all was the lovely tiered cake covered in frosting roses, swirls, and intricate details.   The girl and her friends were always hungry after school and would sometimes stop in the bakery and buy something...

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