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If You Don't Know How to Frame a Print

Sometimes it may seem a challenge to frame a square print.  Here are some helpful hints. For spaces like children's rooms, apartments, and places where you may not even want a nail in the wall, washi tape is a great idea.  It won't damage walls and one can easily mix and match prints with no need to even frame!   One could also purchase one of my wood panels.  They have a notch in the back for hanging.  The painting can be mounted with an acid free glue stick very easily.  I am happy to trim and mount the print for you if you purchase one of the wood panels in my shop. And then of course, there are frames....

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Why Have My Watercolor Prices Come Down?

You may have noticed my 8 x 10 inch watercolor paintings have been drastically reduced from $150 to $75. The price drop started when my supplier of museum-quality matboard stopped making pre-cut 8-ply mats with backing.  I have not found a comparable matboard of the same quality.  I even tried to order and cut my own 8-ply matboard but it did not turn out well with the mat-cutter I have.  One needs a special tool to handle the thicker 8-ply matboard.   They would actually be best die-cut or machined in the factory to get the clean corners and beveled edges required at that thickness. Soooo... I also noticed that it's quite easy to find standard frames sized 8 x...

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No Need to Frame

Have you ever tried to find a frame for a square image?  For the smaller sizes (4 inch and 5 inch) it can be accomplished.  But anything larger, and one tends to need a custom frame.  No problem.  But that can add substantially to the price.   Here is an alternative.  Have your print mounted onto one of our wood panels.  The look is clean and contemporary.  It's a great look for a collection and really shows off the art in a simple way.   Order more for prints you already own.  Just use an acid-free glue stick for mounting.  And remember to keep the notch in the right place so you don't mount your art upside down!   If...

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