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My Prints at Anthropologie

I received one of my prints from Anthropologie.  Several of my prints are for sale framed exclusive at Anthropologie.  This fawn was a "family member" on my ranch land.  I watched it grow up.  

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Prints on Stretched Canvas Shipping Today

If you recently ordered a stretched-canvas print, it will be shipping today.  These canvas prints  take about two weeks turn-around once the order is place.   I am not set up to print on canvas myself.  But my framer in North Carolina does a great job with canvas prints.  Unlike some services offered at places like Costco, this is a long-time family business which works with many professional artists with very high quality supplies.  Not to complain about Costco prints.  Everybody tells me they are pretty darn good!   Anyway, a premium canvas is used with a special printer that prints on canvas.  Then the paintings are professional stretched on kiln-dried stretched bars.  Usually the sides are a mirror image...

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If You Don't Know How to Frame a Print

Sometimes it may seem a challenge to frame a square print.  Here are some helpful hints. For spaces like children's rooms, apartments, and places where you may not even want a nail in the wall, washi tape is a great idea.  It won't damage walls and one can easily mix and match prints with no need to even frame!   One could also purchase one of my wood panels.  They have a notch in the back for hanging.  The painting can be mounted with an acid free glue stick very easily.  I am happy to trim and mount the print for you if you purchase one of the wood panels in my shop. And then of course, there are frames....

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