If You Don't Know How to Frame a Print

Sometimes it may seem a challenge to frame a square print.  Here are some helpful hints.

For spaces like children's rooms, apartments, and places where you may not even want a nail in the wall, washi tape is a great idea.  It won't damage walls and one can easily mix and match prints with no need to even frame!  

One could also purchase one of my wood panels.  They have a notch in the back for hanging.  The painting can be mounted with an acid free glue stick very easily.  I am happy to trim and mount the print for you if you purchase one of the wood panels in my shop.

And then of course, there are frames.  More and more stores of selling square ready-made frames in small sizes as this shape is becoming more popular with artist and collectors.  Remember to check the depth of the frame for the thicker wood panels.  You may need a canvas floater frame, which can accommodate the 1/2 inch depth of some of my wood panels.  I also sometimes work in a  thinner 1/8 inch panel, which can easily fit in a variety of frames.

I hope to be selling more of those in the future as well as some already framed art. 

And finally, one can order a custom frame.  The cost is usually a bit more and there is a week or two waiting period for the project.  But this is a great way to get the exact frame you want and a variety of high quality options.  

Also remember, many of my canvas art is wired and ready to hang.  So again, the frame is optional and many choose to hang without a frame and just show off the painting.  

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