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Painting Demo at Earth Angels Studios

Over the weekend I did a painting demo at Earth Angels Studios in Florida, NY. People really liked the chickadees.  But I feel like more people were impressed that I could paint sideways. :D Almost finished! What a great audience!  Including online friends via Facebook live for @jensearthangels and other pages. More of my art at her gallery, which is in an old ice house.

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The Blolly Tree

I want to share some photos from a couple years ago near Key West, Florida at the botanical gardens and also Hemingways Florida home. If I am feeling down, I could just say the name of this tree "Blolly" and I would feel a smile form on my face. Lots of greenery here. And up here. Here is the Hemingway house at Key West, FL. Hemingway House kitchen (I painted a picture of this.) One of the many Hemingway cats.  (I also painted this!)  

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