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Costa Rican Bird

Not sure the name of this bird but I took many photos of him and his friends in Costa Rica.  They were very busy in the morning rapping on the windows and flitting about eating fruit and singing. I painted an oil painting of this little bird... I also love the purple flowers near him.  I really need to learn all the flowers I saw in Costa Rica (and the names of the birds) because there are so, so many and they are all beautiful.

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Hummingbirds in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has so many types of birds.  But I really enjoyed watching the hummingbirds when I was there.   Was saw many hummingbird and butterfly gardens.  And in the mornings, especially where we stayed near La Fortuna, the birds were just naturally about. I am working on hummingbird paintings.  Stay tuned for some of the photos.  I have already sold a couple hummingbird paintings finished this past week.

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Harry the One-Handed Crocodile

One thing about the crocodiles in Costa Rica.  They sure are big!  The larger ones over 250 lbs.  They don't usually get this big in the USA because hunting is legal.  But the Costa Rican crocs have ways of thinning their numbers (literally!).   A guide that took us on a boat through the mangroves told us the male crocodiles will eat the smaller males.  Pretty rough world to grow up in!   A local showed us one from his property by his house -- about two years old.   Hopefully he can survive as long as Harry...

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