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Bright Colored Packages Tied Up With Strings

One of my absolute favorite activities is packing packages.  Whether for birthdays, holidays, or my art clients!  I almost hate the idea of getting big enough that I cannot wrap the packages all by myself.  I've used little elf helpers in the past, especially during the holidays (mostly family members).  But I really enjoy the task.  To me, wrapping is like being an elf.  And I often pretend to reverse engineer the process of what it will be like to open the package.  I always hope that it turns out well.  I've learned some lessons along the way about how to package properly and to make sure paintings and prints travel safely.   Looking forward to an exciting rest of...

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Opening Presents

I don't know about you.  But growing up, Christmas morning felt magical.  I really believed in Santa.  And being the oldest of five children, I got to have fun watching my siblings "believe" even after I learned the truth.  Some of my siblings no longer follow this tradition and just exchange gifts with their kids instead.  But I still associate Christmas morning with the excitement, miracles, and wonder of my childhood.   To me, an unopened package, carefully wrapped and decorated, symbolizes love and generosity.  I love to wrap and share gifts and love to receive them.   I hope you all are enjoying this time of year.  Happy holidays!

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