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Anadama Bread and Graue Mill

Last week I went to Graue Mill near my home in Elmhurst, IL and took a tour.  Ended up with a 5lb. bag of stone-ground cornmeal.  If you've never tried stone ground cornmeal, you are in for a treat.   At the advice of the man who was grinding the corn, I removed from the burlap bag and put in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  He said it will last a couple years there where moisture can't penetrate it. In the basement are the gear wheels from the waterwheel.   Here is a checkerboard using corncob game pieces. I used my sourdough started to make some New England Anadama Bread.  I got the recipe from my King Arthur Flour...

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Cool Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

I always love to visit the Art Institute of Chicago.   I've been anxiously awaiting the reopening of the Rennaissance and Armor exhibit.  The new exhibit is in a beautiful space complete with cathedral ceilings and gothic arches I overheard a tour guide speaking to a group of young people about how gritty and industrial the city is and that the Art Institute provides a place for beautiful art and collections as almost a refuge from the grittiness of the city. It really does feel like a refuge.

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