Purple Hydrangeas

I came across these lovely warm blushing purple hydrangeas at the grocers a couple days ago and had to have them.  There were traditional baby blue, pink, and white hydrangeas.  But these ones caught my eye.  

I am enjoying two things.  First.  I am working on painting these.  I am realizing that when I paint larger, I need much more paint and larger brushes.  That should make sense.  But sometimes one doesn't realize until after starting that one is in the habit of working on a smaller scale.  So here is the first run.  I will be adding more paint and layers to this including larger and more generous brush strokes of paint, and darkening glazes in shadow areas.  

So the second thing I wanted to mention is I am interesting in selling my photography prints.  I am going to be playing around with which inks and papers work best and maybe even transferring to acrylic or wood that just hangs on the wall.  I will keep you posted!


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