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New Bird Paintings on Stretched Linen In the Works

New bird paintings in oil paint on stretched linen are coming soon!  Here are photos of a couple with the first layer down.  I do several layers to give them a rich and deep effect.  The Belgian linen costs five times the price of premium cotton canvas.  But it's extremely archival with a beautiful weave and fine texture.  I really love it and think you will too. After the first layer dries in a few days, I will add the next layer.  Stay tuned for more pictures and available paintings soon.

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What is Your Favorite Bird?

Which birds do you want me to paint?  I paint a lot of North American birds because it's my home.  But I love painting many birds from all over the world. I love songbirds because they are so cute and fat and sweet. I've been painting more kinds of birds like geese, owls, seabirds and more.  I'm opened to suggestions and would love to hear from you!

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Coming Soon Original Paintings on Hardwood!

Coming August 1 at Christenberry Collections is a new collection of oil paintings on exotic and American hardwoods! Custom designed, cut, and finished wood panels including Maple, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, and Purple Heart.  Several layers of clear gesso and painted showing through to the natural wood grain underneath and peeking through bits of the painting.  Showing both the natural grain and even knots and holes in the wood throughout the paintings.    

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