What is Your Favorite Bird?

Which birds do you want me to paint?  I paint a lot of North American birds because it's my home.  But I love painting many birds from all over the world.

I love songbirds because they are so cute and fat and sweet.

I've been painting more kinds of birds like geese, owls, seabirds and more.  I'm opened to suggestions and would love to hear from you!


  • Christina

    My favorite bird is the red-winged blackbird. Do you take commissions?

  • Sheila Lester

    I love the Yellow Chat No.3 Painting Feb. 10th that sold, and another one that may be a warbler or chat that was in the My Modern Met article. Do you sell prints? Also, I wondered if you have tried larger birds, like herons., with big swooshes of the paintbrushes?

  • Rolyn

    Would love to see what you might do with a hummingbird. Dibs on it if you ever do! 😉

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