Hewn Breads

I've been using my own sourdough starter for about six months now.  But I always love to find a new bakery that uses natural leavening and non-commercial yeast.  (Does things the old-fashioned way.   Hewn Bakery in Evanston, IL is a place I visited for the first time this past week.

I ended up getting a cheddar round, a chocolate hazelnut brioche, and a pan country loaf.  (They were out of country round loaf, which is a bit crustier.) 

All the breads are so amazingly delicious.  I've been eating all three.  I put half the cheddar in the freezer and the other two are on the counter.  They are light, yet substantial.  Especially the brioche loaf.  I want to toast some.  It feels to the touch so airy and light.  Yet, I noticed how heavy it was when I was dropping a slice in the toaster.  It's got some substance to it.  It's really perfect.  

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