Pumpkin Muffins and Magenta Shoes

I made pumpkin muffins today.  They were delicious.  I just found a recipe online and embellished it a bit.  

I admit the search was not as easy as it used to be.  The top hits were either vegan or gluten free.  I finally found one that looked good.  Then I realized it had coconut oil in it.  I don't mind coconut oil.  I just wanted one with butter and milk, like I grew up with.  I finally searched for "pumpkin muffins with butter and milk" and got a few recipes to choose from.  

I then added more cinnamon, more pumpkin puree, candied ginger and half whole wheat and spelt flours.   I am happy with the results.  

My daughter saw an oil change signed that read "Pumpkin Spice Oil Changes".  We had a good laugh.  

On another note, I purchased these shoes online.  But I thought was was getting a dark red color.  They came bright magenta.  If you wonder what magneta looks like.  These are magenta colored shoes!  I am still wearing them occasionally.  I have to say they are very bright and cheery!  This photo of them on my floor makes me even think of painting a still life of them.  

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