Prints on Stretched Canvas Shipping Today

If you recently ordered a stretched-canvas print, it will be shipping today.  These canvas prints  take about two weeks turn-around once the order is place.  

I am not set up to print on canvas myself.  But my framer in North Carolina does a great job with canvas prints.  Unlike some services offered at places like Costco, this is a long-time family business which works with many professional artists with very high quality supplies.  Not to complain about Costco prints.  Everybody tells me they are pretty darn good!  

Anyway, a premium canvas is used with a special printer that prints on canvas.  Then the paintings are professional stretched on kiln-dried stretched bars.  Usually the sides are a mirror image of the edge of the painting.  But one can choose to haves a black or white side instead.  

I also provide high-quality images with a high-resolution for printing the best quality prints.  High resolution is one of the other important factors to an amazing print.

I print my own paper prints.  That is why the sizes are the paper prints are smaller.  My printer can only handle 8 x 10 inch prints.  I am hoping to invest soon in a printer that can handle 11 x 14 inch paper.  

But for now, I plan to continue working with my framer in North Carolina on the canvas prints because it's a very expensive set-up to get into and they do a great job.   


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