Old Buildings on New Ranch Property


Our family purchased an adjacent ranch recently that has many old and unused buildings on it.  Here is one that used to hold grain.

I always love red barns.  They look especially wonderful in the winter as they stand out against all the cool and barren landscape.

Here are some cool old dividers.  I'm not sure what are in them.  But we are storing four wheelers in this building.

restoration of creek

Here is another barn that had a grain mill at one time but we gave it to some Amish friends (the millstone that is).  It has to be hooked up to a tractor and belt to use, so they are prepared to use it.

old barn

Another view of one of the barns

inside barn

Very dramatic and bare.

I really feel curious what stories this place can tell.

old barn

Almost abstracted photography :)

inside barn

inside old barn


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