How Pratt Creek Art Was Born

So when I first married and moved to a Ranch in Idaho on the Idaho Montana border, I had been working in finance and banking and sales.  But there were no accounting, finance, or good sales jobs in this ranching town in the middle of nowhere.  

The internet and online shopping were getting more and more popular and stable.  I saw someone on ebay selling their pet turtle's paintings.  And they're selling for a good sum!  I thought to myself, "If a turtle can paint, then I can too."  

The first paintings I sold on ebay - well the very first one was an 8 inch succulent plant that I self taught myself to do.  It sold for over $75 to a lady in New York City.  I was hooked.  I realized I would have to learn more.  

Here is Pratt Creek, one of the creeks on the ranch property.  I was inspired and my art business was born here by this creek where I spent every day and still spend time.

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