Homemade Pizza

homemade pizza

Today I made pizza with my homemade sourdough starter.  I first made the dough.  Then grated two kinds of mozzerella, whole milk and low fat.  Sauteed and cooked the sauce.  Then I added fresh basil and sautéed green pepper slices.  

My second pizza attempt turned out a better shape (circle).  But I noticed all the green peppers are scrunched in the center.  At first I think they slid there while baking.  But then I remembered I had just dumped them on and forgot to spread them out.  Oh well.  We'll just pretend I'm being artistic.  :D

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  • Michele Kasel

    Hey Angela! My husband and I just had a pepperoni and green pepper pizza from the Casey’s in town. Your’s probably was much better with homemade sauce and crust…I don’t know how you do it all! Happy Spring :)

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