Happiness Involves Art!

If you have ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to art, this is the post for you!  

While some people would say art is not necessary.  I disagree!  The main reason I disagree is that without art, life would be frankly boring.  And only slightly less important is the fact that I believe art uplifts humanity and separates us from mere beasts.  

Okay, I am getting a bit deep here.  I will try to stay fun and playful.

So let's stick to the first reason, kicking boring in the you-know-what.  Art is so important for expression, story-telling, and interest.  While I don't like all kinds of art, I do immediately realize when I am attracted to some art.  It kind of hits me inside and I can't deny I am fascinated and triggered.  

When I am not admiring art, I like to make it.  I have always liked to make things.  Art is just one of many things I like to make.  But art is definitely a great way to spend my time.  I am really enjoying making art that has to do with my life and the environment around me.  This environment includes people, wildlife, plants, and sunsets.  

Anyway, enough for now.  More hopefully later.  Stay warm if you are up north like me! 

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  • Michele Kasel

    Hi Angela, I like your post! Also, I just received a reminder of the Three Tody Birds 6×8 that is in my cart, and I had messaged you earlier today about this, but not sure if you got my email yet….so it never hurts to try again =) I wanted to know if I could pay with a money order for that piece, in the amount of $205.00 that includes the charge for shipping. Anytime you get a chance to let me know, I’d so appreciate your help! Thank you and take care — Michele K

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