Baked Cod Dish

Wild Alaskan Cod is on sale and fresh at the grocer.  So I took advantage and improvised a dish I originally remember from Cooks Illustrated Magazine's Make Ahead Edition.  Usually make-ahead meals are reserved for non-fish entrees.  But the cookbook had this one make-ahead fish dish.  It is basically cod with olive oil, seasoning, cherry tomatoes, capers, parsley, and olives.  I didn't have olives so left those out.  There may have been more to the recipe but one can prepare and store in fridge for 12 - 24 hours.  I only did a few hours then baked.  I baked at 350 fahrenheit for about 20 to 25 min.  That was plenty.  

The lighting in these pictures isn't the best.  I feel sorry for that.  I just wanted to quickly capture without setting up lighting to be honest.  It was dark and I just had the overhead lights on.  But it is a nice meal I served with salad and baked small yellow potatoes with butter and sour cream and a side of lemon.

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