Restocking Shop With New Art

Hi friends!  I have had a lot of sales this week and my original art is selling quickly.  I am camping in Yellowstone this week and plan to start adding more art as soon as possible.  I have a few more watercolor and acrylic paintings to list this weekend.  Then I will be back in my IL studio June 12 to start new works in oil paint.   

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  • Geri Stevens

    Hello Angela I am so much like your legions of fans and admirers that I would die to have one of your original bird oil paintings!! (;
    Do you take orders in that regard? I live in Ottawa, the nation’s capital of Canada, also known as Turtle Island. Ottawa was built on unceded Algonquin territory and First Nations people continue to negotiate with the Canadian government for return of a portion of their lands as well as monetary compensation. A compelling historical fact that many Canadians are unaware of. My home would be honoured to be graced with your breathtaking art in the (near) future. Kind regards. Geri Stevens, VT.

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