Pancakes and Strawberries

I made some delicious pumpkin pancakes with a little bit of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom today.  And of course, maple syrup and butter made the meal complete.  Oh, I almost forgot!  Fresh organic strawberries from the market as well.  I eat the tops and all.  Haha.  

But sadly, the pics of the pancakes I arranged so nicely on a plate with melting butter and maple syrup did not turn out.  I forgot to reformat my SD card.  So even though I clicked, they did not take or save.  I feel sad about that.  Only the photo of my beloved and batter-stained King Arthur Baking Book turned out.

But I did find a picture of the strawberries on my phone's snapchat (angelamoulton is my ID if you want to view my snapchat stories).  

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