Painting Surfaces - What Materials I Paint On.

Painting Panels

For my small bird paintings, I usually like a smooth surface.  So instead of using canvas (which often has a textured surface) I like to use wood panels.  


The white panels shown are called gessobord.  They are a composite product like masonite.  They are factory gessoed with the white surface and are ready to paint on.  I really like this product for my paintings.  


The boards you see are maple panels.  One nice thing about these boards is they have a notch in the back for hanging.  So there is no need to frame.  Plus the painting stands out, not the frame.  So it's a very simple style.  I like the organic quality of the wood also.  


But to use the maple panels, I have to gesso them myself.  I can't just paint with oil paint on the surface.  So I will apply three coats of gesso.  It's a time-consuming process.  But I do like having control of the whole process.   

Then I am ready to paint!

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