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I Painted My Orchid

If you remember the photo of my orchid from yesterday, here is a painted version. I felt inspired to paint it.  I plan to also paint the orchid in oil paint.  But I really like the coolness of the watercolor mixed with gouache paint.  Very vibrant and alive. I believe I will tone it down with the oil paint.  IT will definitely present a different mood.  I also believe the oil paint will give a heavier feel to the artwork.    

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Why Have My Watercolor Prices Come Down?

You may have noticed my 8 x 10 inch watercolor paintings have been drastically reduced from $150 to $75. The price drop started when my supplier of museum-quality matboard stopped making pre-cut 8-ply mats with backing.  I have not found a comparable matboard of the same quality.  I even tried to order and cut my own 8-ply matboard but it did not turn out well with the mat-cutter I have.  One needs a special tool to handle the thicker 8-ply matboard.   They would actually be best die-cut or machined in the factory to get the clean corners and beveled edges required at that thickness. Soooo... I also noticed that it's quite easy to find standard frames sized 8 x...

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